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General: (952) 927-7333

Fax: (952) 920-3352

Dispatch: (952) 920-8757



E-mail: Normal in-plant service times are listed, and are exclusive of delivery times. Service times are listed by full working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.



Linhoff will provide pre-paid mailers for your convenience. Return shipment of 1lb. or less will be made via UPS ground at the cost of $7.00. Local Minnesota delivery is typically 24hrs. UPS does not deliver to P.O. boxes.


Credit and Billing

Billing terms are net 30 days. Please use purchase orders or reference/job numbers to facilitate billing. In some cases, orders without proper billing information may be delayed.



Submitting any film, print, slide, negative, or electronic media to this firm for processing, printing or other handling constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that any damages or loss by our company, subsidiary or agents, even though due to the negligence or other fault of our company, subsidiary or agents, will only entitle you to replacement with a like amount of unexposed film and processing. Except for such replacement, the acceptance of the film, print, slide or negative is without other warranty or liability, and recovery for any incidental or consewuential damages is excluded.


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