Throughout our lives, there are those key events where reminiscing and looking back in time become extremely important to us. Whether you have to sort through boxes of old memorabilia or access the thousands of digital images on your device – these are the times when your photo collection becomes more valuable than ever.








It’s scientifically proven that children have a stronger sense of self when they have access to pictures from their childhood. Take that a step further and expose them to their family heritage. TIP: Make copies of photos with their parents and grandparents as children and store them with your child’s memorabilia. One day they’ll want to see who they resemble.








High School Graduation

Grad parties are known for celebrating achievements and it’s always fun for the guests to enjoy memories from the graduate’s childhood years. Set up a photo display that features their photos and memorabilia in fun ways! (PS: We literally have hundreds of great ways to do this!)


Que the infamous wedding video. That’s right, it’s still a thing! Make it easy on the bride and groom by gifting them a digital copy of their entire life in photos BEFORE the wedding. This will help make the video production process so much easier. Plus, what a great thing to gift at this stage of life!


Celebrate your time together by reminiscing over a lifetime full of great memories. If you’re hosting a party – let your guests enjoy your wedding photos with you.

Milestone Birthday

Those “over-the-hill” milestones are a great time to look back and get a good laugh at how you’ve changed.







Memorial Service

Celebrate a life well lived by displaying old photos and video clips during a memorial service. Collect favorite snapshots that include childhood, hobbies, acknowledgments, and family milestones full of happiness.