Custom Framing + Wall Décor Pro Tips

Complement Your Wall Décor WithThe Perfect Frame!

Selecting the perfect picture frame can be overwhelming. With diverse finishes, materials, and display styles, it’s challenging to determine what will complement your home decor. Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ve analyzed various photo frame types, highlighting their unique qualities and suggesting creative ways to showcase them. Your walls will be well taken care of.


Gallery Frame

Enhances your photography and creates a sophisticated and polished aesthetic. When designing a gallery wall, use more frames for an impactful look that ties the room together.







Floating Frame

Clear glass or acrylic frames give your print the illusion of floating on the wall. No need to add them to your photo collage. These styles of prints are statement pieces that are strong enough to stand on their own.






Framed Canvas Print

The slight float between the canvas and deep frame makes for a unique visual effect for portraits you’ll want to pass down for generations. Add to the center of any gallery wall and make it the main focal point.






Tabletop Frames

Infuse personality and special moments into your space using tabletop frames. Stagger these versatile pieces throughout your shelving or stand them side-by-side as a mini table display.






Tips for selecting the perfect Wall Art for any space!

The right imagery and materials can turn your space into a conversation-starting environment in no time! Here are some tips for selecting the right décor solutions for any environment.
PRO TIP: Mix complementary media like framed prints, canvas, and metal for an eclectic and varied aesthetic!
Canvas = Classic
  • Printed on artist-grade cotton canvas media
  • Finished for durability and longevity
  • Lightweight and ready-to-hang (No need for framing.)
  • Dozens of size options
  • Ideal for a traditional home or office setting






Metal Prints = Impact
  • Your image is sublimated onto sturdy brushed aluminum
  • Images look vibrant, bold, and sharp
  • Dozens of size options
  • Ideal for a contemporary home, a commercial location, or modern office setting






Wood Prints = Natural
  • Your image is printed directly on a natural wood panel
  • Photos look sharp, yet soft and natural
  • Woodgrain shows through the lighter areas of the image
  • Ideal for a shabby chic or farmhouse styled space






Acrylic Prints = Pizzazz!
  • Your image is flush-mounted underneath a clear piece of acrylic
  • Images look bright, dimensional, and sharp
  • Extremely durable and easy to clean
  • Ideal in a contemporary home or a commercial space